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Vieux 12/07/2007, 12h23
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En résumé Bill Elliott ne sera pas au 250 tours a Riverside le 21 juillet

Elliott cancels appearance at canadian race UPDATE: Riverside International Speedway regrets to announce the cancellation of Bill Elliott's appearance at this year's heavily anticipated IWK 250 Pro All Stars Series (PASS) race, scheduled for Saturday, July 21 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Riverside Speedway received in writing the cancellation notice from Mr. Elliott late Friday. In his statement he said, "There is no way I am going to Nova Scotia to race that weekend…I am too busy." Mr. Elliott's last-minute cancellation notice comes after Riverside Speedway management secured the NASCAR Cup champion's appearance on April 27, 2007 with an extra-cost no-cancellation guarantee. We paid an expensive premium to guarantee his participation in the race," says Paul McLean, Riverside Speedway manager. "With the agreement in place, and with active cooperation from his management company, we felt comfortable promoting Mr. Elliott's appearance in print, TV and radio advertisements." The IWK 250 will proceed despite Mr. Elliott's decision to not participate. "We're working feverishly to find a suitable replacement," says McLean; however at press time we were unable to confirm please check our website for further details in the coming days. Fans of Bill Elliott and ticket holders for the IWK 250 are encouraged to contact Mr. Elliott directly at to express their concern and disappointment. Requests for comment on behalf of Bill Elliott can be made directly to Wood Brothers Management Company. See the full speedway statement at:
UPDATE: Bill Elliott wishes to respond to the allegations that he rescinded an agreement to appear in the IWK 250 Pro All Stars Series at Riverside International Speedway, scheduled for Saturday, July 21 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. "I steadfastly deny that there was ever a final contract, spoken or written, in which I agreed to both attend and compete in the event at the Riverside International Speedway. Riverside International Speedway officials contacted my representatives in April 2007 to gauge my interest in competing in this event. Race officials sent a lengthy appearance schedule in conjunction with the event. Although my family and I strongly considered attending the event, on May 15th we communicated to race officials that we were leaning against attending, due in large part to the excessive amount of travel time the commitment would involve. Speedway and event officials were notified in writing on June 5th, 2007 that I had declined their offer to participate in the event. My family and I are disappointed that speedway and event officials continue to portray us in a negative light as a result of this matter.(Motorsports Management International)(7-12-2007)
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Vieux 12/07/2007, 18h00
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Ricky Craven va le remplacer
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Vieux 15/07/2007, 14h08
Magella Bérubé
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En effet, mésentente entre Elliot et les dirigeants du Riverside Speedway quant à la présence de Elliot au IWK 250. J'ai pu suivre la SAGA par courriel ainsi que que certains forum de Stock-Car des Maritimes.

Elliot sera remplacé par Ricky Craven et Regan Smith

Certains coureurs ont intention être au Riverside Speedway (Antigonish, Nova-Scotia) le Samedi soir et se taper la route pour être du OXFORD 250, le Dimanche soir.

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