World Debut at Detroit International Motor Show of Bentley Arnage Red Label Long Wheelbase

NOUVELLES par admin, avril 4, 2001

Detroit, Following overwhelming response by customers and visitors to the Bentley Stand at the Paris Motor Show in September 2000, to the Bentley Arnage Red Label Personal Commission, Bentley Motors today proudly launches the Bentley Arnage Red Label Long Wheelbase as a standard model. With a Black Sapphire finish, the Bentley Long Wheelbase Arnage for the Detroit Auto Show , features Autumn Hide and Black Sapphire trim and launches Bentley Motor's latest model addition to the successful Arnage range. In just over three months, Bentley has designed and engineered the model at Bentley Motors' UK headquarters in Crewe, Cheshire. Offering enhanced interior space in the rear passenger compartment, the new model maintains the same unique level of Bentley Arnage sporting performance and luxurious appointments. Lengthened by 250 millimetres (9.8 inches) overall, the stretching process goes way beyond simple extensions in the floor and roof and wider 'B' posts. The company's skilled designers and engineers lengthened the front and rear doors to ensure that the Arnage's proportions remain geometrically pleasing and that the extension is both subtle and discreet, yet achieves its aim of providing extra space in the rear seating area. The world debut of the Bentley Arnage Red Label at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1998 established a new level of driving dynamics for the marque. With a 20 per cent stiffer bodyshell the current Arnage model allows the front and rear independent double wishbone suspension configuration to work even more effectively. This results in improved ride refinement and precision handling experienced both at speed and whilst cornering. Sophisticated computer models were used to develop the optimum spring, damper and mounting rates when the car was first engineered, and as the long wheelbase car was developed. The extra length and weight have been taken into account not only for the suspension settings, but also for the engineering of the steering and brakes. Powered by the latest development of the world-famous Crewe-built 6.75 litre V8 turbocharged engine, with 400bhp, this engine produces more torque than any other production saloon car engine in the world – 835Nm (619 lb ft) at 2150rpm. It boasts a nought to 60mph time of 5.9 seconds and a top speed which is electronically limited to 155mph. A major aspect of the car's refinement is its smooth and vibration-free drivetrain, enhanced by the quiet characteristics of the low-revving and under-stressed engine. This is, in part, achieved by the stiff structure of the crankcase, which is made from an aluminium-silicon alloy. It resists noise-generating vibrations and is assisted by the self-adjusting hydraulic tappets which help silence the valve mechanism. Even the blades of the cooling fans have been spaced at unequal intervals to ensure that they operate as quietly as possible. A unique aspect to the performance of the Bentley Arnage model range is the absence of turbo lag. When the accelerator is pushed to the floor, the Zytek engine management system allows a short period of turbocharger overboost that increases the effect of the turbocharging system by 85 per cent. It then automatically reduces boost levels by 30 per cent and activates a downward gearshift. The result is a feeling of unlimited acceleration from any engine speed and that unique sensation that only Bentley drivers ever experience of seemingly endless reserves of power. The car's transmission is a four-speed unit, mounted longitudinally and actuated electronically. There are two gearshift mapping patterns: sport and normal. In the latter mode, the gear change uses the Adaptive Shift Control system that 'learns' its driver's preferences by monitoring the recent history of driver inputs, especially how often full throttle is used. Adaptive Shift Control aims to reduce gear change frequency to enhance ride refinement, improve fuel economy and provide the power delivery the driving style demands. Sport mode overrides Adaptive Shift Control and takes the shift pattern to the most responsive end of the spectrum. To ensure maximum traction and safety at all times, Automatic Stability Control (ASC) is fitted as standard to all Bentley Arnage models. Defaulting on engine start to an 'on' setting, ASC combines the benefits of the anti-lock braking system (ABS) with an engine torque control system to prevent either or both of the driven wheels from slipping under acceleration or in wet or icy conditions. Further refinements to the car include one-touch power folding door mirrors, Park Distance Control for easier manoeuvring in tight spaces, white front, rear and side indicator lenses, larger brake calipers with grooved brake discs and an assisted-lift luggage compartment lid with touch release and a power closing mechanism. All of these features are also on the standard length Arnage. For customers who wish, the craftsmen and women of Bentley Motors' Personal Commissioning team can create exclusive and unique interiors as required. The team's experience and skill in hand-tooling leather, working with wood veneers and manufacturing one-off accoutrements is unsurpassed in the motor industry. The Long Wheelbase Bentley Arnage is a demonstration of the capabilities of the people who work at Crewe. It is a statement of quality engineering, design and craftsmanship that is unmatched elsewhere. It is also a reflection of the confidence, commitment and investment in Bentley Motors made by parent Volkswagen AG.