NOUVELLES par Communiqué, avril 4, 2001

TORONTO, Jan. 5, 2000 – Jaguar Canada announced today that 1999 sales are up 31.5 percent compared with 1998 sales, for a total of 1,700 cars sold. Sedan sales in 1999 total 1,435 cars, an increase of more than 43 percent compared with 1998 sedan sales. Sales for December 1999 show an increase of more than 12 percent compared with the same period last year. The introduction of the Jaguar S-TYPE in 1998 drove total December sedan sales to a more than 25 percent increase compared with December 1998 sales. "The launch of two new vehicles, S-TYPE and XKR, in 1999 poised the company for an exciting year", said Russell Reynolds, president of Jaguar Canada. "Increased sales are due not only to new cars being added to the lineup, but also to Jaguar's dedication to delivering quality products and outstanding service to our customers". In the United States, Jaguar Cars reported record sales for 1999, for a total of 35,039 cars sold, an increase of nearly 56 percent compared with 1998.