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Vieux 12/09/2008, 13h45
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Par défaut In-car video Nissan 240sx Défi Ste-Agathe

Our videos from the short Friday stages in Ste-Agathe. I will post Saturday's stages as soon as I find some more time.

1 - Lac Brunet (1) Lots of dust coming up through the floorboards.
2 - Lac Brunet (2)
3 - Palomino (1)
4 - Palomino (2)
5 - Palomino (3)
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Vieux 13/09/2008, 22h42
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Par défaut

Saturday morning's tarmac stages in Ripon and Montpellier:

6 - Ripon (1)
7 - Montpellier (1)
8 - Ripon (2)
9 - Montpellier (2)
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Vieux 13/09/2008, 22h45
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After the morning's tarmac stages we moved on to four more short gravel stages, running this loop twice. It rained steadily all morning so these stages became muddy and very slippery.

10 - Rang Cinq (1)
11 - Robinson (1)
12 - Saint-Sixte (1)
13 - Jarnac East (1)
14 - Rang Cinq (2)
15 - Robinson (2)
16 - Saint-Sixte (2)
17 - Jarnac East (2)

After this the rally moved north to the long 'real' stages -- the killer rough forestry roads where we laid a big beating on the car...
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Vieux 14/09/2008, 23h51
Turbo_Bimmer Turbo_Bimmer est déconnecté
Date d'inscription: May 2006
Localisation: Mirabel
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Par défaut

Nice videos Ferd.
Are you going to post some of the 'real stages' :-)
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Vieux 16/09/2008, 09h21
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Par défaut

Envoyé par Turbo_Bimmer Voir le message
Nice videos Ferd.
Are you going to post some of the 'real stages' :-)
Sure thing.

Here are the first two of the long tough stages.

Martin Donnelly stuffed it on Mulgrave, about 4:00 minutes into the clip.
Then we shorted the ignition in a deep water splash, fogged up the windshield, and nearly crashed in the dip-dip on Elmitt.

18 - Mulgrave North
19 - Elmitt (1)
20 -
21 -
22 -
23 -
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Vieux 16/09/2008, 23h18
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Par défaut

thanks Ferd for sharing this with us
i'm a huge fan of inboard cam and it is rare to see a team sharing all of is inboard like you did.

thanks for all and i hope to see more
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Vieux 17/09/2008, 12h23
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Merci J-P. I was beginning to wonder if anyone other than Michel (Turbo_Bimmer) actually looks at any of these videos.

This is only my first season as co-driver and I'm still making lots of mistakes. Before starting, I learned a lot by watching other people's in-car videos, especially ones where you can listen to what's being said in the car.

Too many teams post only edited videos where the sound is masked with annoying hard-rock music, or they don't record their in-car conversations at all. Thankfully others, like Randy Zimmer, post videos in which you can hear their conversations and thus we can learn from their mistakes and successes. I learned tons by studying Randy's videos!

I have discovered that the co-driver's job is not at all easy. Thankfully Martin Walter has been very patient with me and all my mistakes. The hardest part is getting the timing correct when calling the notes.

Martin needs to know what's coming next over this blind crest. If I'm too slow feeding him the information, then I'm just useless ballast in the car, and you can hear him shout, "Next!" But it's just as bad if I get too far ahead because then he can't remember what I've told him and he has to ask me to repeat stuff. If I have to jump back and forth in the notes that throws me off too, sometimes making me lose my place in the notes.

When he is stressed and uncertain about the notes, then he backs right off and we're slow. But when I get the pacing just right, I can see the difference in his driving. When he is confident about what's coming up next he drives much faster and that's when things start to get really interesting.

I'm glad somebody finds our in-car videos entertaining, and hopefully useful as well. It's my way of thanking all of you many volunteers working start and finish controls or marshaling at some godforsaken remote intersection standing in the rain all day way out in the woods, and the service crews who work so hard to keep all our cars running. You guys contribute so much yet so rarely get to see more than just a tiny portion of the stage roads from spectator vantage points.
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Vieux 17/09/2008, 12h26
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This is the long rough Lac Barbiche stage (28 km). YouTube only lets me post clips up to 10 minutes in length. For us this stage was 24 minutes long, so I broke it into three 8-minute clips.

First we nearly speared straight off at the hairpin in front of all the spectators. Then we bent and seized the front left strut, and broke something in the rear.

Martin was convinced we had a flat tire, which turned out not to be the case. It was a seized left rear brake caliper.

With the handling suddenly gone all wonky, Martin backed way off the pace to nurse the car through the remainder of the stage (nearly the entire second half).

20a - Lac Barbiche (1) - Part 1 of 3
20b - Lac Barbiche (1) - Part 2 of 3
20c - Lac Barbiche (1) - Part 3 of 3

Before we could reach the next service stop though to fix anything we first had to make it safely through another pass of the evilly rough Elmitt stage...

21 - Elmitt (2)...
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Vieux 17/09/2008, 13h05
Road Trip Road Trip est déconnecté
Date d'inscription: May 2003
Localisation: Pointe aux Outardes, Qc, Canada.
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I had no time to watch any video but I'll do it for sure.

As you said, as a rookie co-pilot It's good and cheap lessons to watch others.

Wish we'll be in Maniwaki next winter.

That good ol' Nissan rocks!
Patrick Levesque
Co-Pilote ''Spécialisé dans les Allemandes''

VW van '73
MINI Cooper S
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Vieux 17/09/2008, 13h25
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Par défaut

Hi Ferdinand!

I did not have time yet to watch all the videos... but I will, I promise! So far, though, I enjoyed what I've seen - and heard!

Please keep on posting videos, and comments! They, too, are interesting and always funny to read.
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