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Par défaut Pat Richard prend ça retraite


Retired !

Yes, I have to retire from competitive driving.

I have a serious neurological illness believed to have been caused by a series of head injuries. Although I am now out of the hospital after a two-month stay, I am mostly confined to my home. I'm hopeful I'll recover fully but it's really unlikley I'll be driving competitively again.

This has been a very difficult decision to make but it's for the best. Huge thanks to Subaru Canada for an entire career's worth of support, to the well-respected and hard-working posse at Rocket Rally, and to everyone involved in the sport -- you guys have all made it a great ride !

Subaru Rally Team Canada and the Rocket Rally crew will most definitely be at Rallye Defi; though I won't be driving I'm still involved with the team and I'll be supporting them from a distance.

I hope to get to a rally soon to start my new career as most annoying know-it-all service crew guy ever.

(And in case you're trying to get a hold of me, a warning/reminder: sorry but it's really difficult for me to get on Facebook.)

Qui sera le prochain pilote pour Subaru Canada?
The Dark Mike

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