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Vieux 10/10/2002, 18h36
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Par défaut "Most Orange Fan Award" à Charlevoix

Havas and his Mazda return to make Charlevoix Orange

The unofficial colour for the 2002 Rallye International de Charlevoix is
Orange! Charismatic prorally driver Andrew Havas has confirmed that he will
enter the 2002 RAC, this year with well-known Quebec co-driver Eric "T" at
his side. The duo will be competing once again in the 2WD orange Mazda RX-7
that was a clear favourite among rally fans at last year's event.

"We're thrilled to be running the Charlevoix Rally again this year", says
Havas. "Last year, we fought our way up to 3rd place before a serious crash
on 'Les Martres' ended the charge. This year, in response to a huge
outpouring of support from fans and fellow competitors, we made a last
minute decision to compete. As a result, we have been working around the
clock to rebuild the car . Our light-weight Mazda is being rebodied and
will be faster than ever before. Folks can check out the progress daily on and We are trying to work a miracle in just
two weeks!" Because it runs in the Group 2 class, extensive modifications
permit the car to challenge the more powerful and heavy Subaru and
Mitsubishi turbo-4WD super cars. Andrew's crowd-pleasing sideways slides
epitomize the delicate car control allowed by rear-wheel drive, where the
driver steers more with rear wheels than the front.

Eric "T", currently one of Canada's most experienced co-drivers and an
advocate for pace-note rallies, explains that the RAC is a true
international pace-note rally run to the exacting standards of the FIA. "We
get to go out and recce the entire course for three days before the start
of competition. During the recce, we make detailed notes of the route.
Even when we can't see over the next hill or around the next corner I can
tell Andrew exaxctly what's there and he will drive it absolutely flat out."

The teaming up of Havas and the "T" in the Orange Mazda promises to
challenge other top contenders and will not dissappoint enduring Quebec
rally spectators. Fans are encouraged to show support for the team by
wearing orange. An award, to be announced after the rally, will be given
to "the most orange fan" as judged by team members.

The Rallye International de Charlevoix will be held October 23-27th in La
Malbaie, a town about 1 hour northeast of Quebec City. This year's rally
includes 385 kms of special stage run throughout the Charlevoix region.
Rally fans can meet Andrew and Eric and see the car before the rally by
attending the ceremonial start at 6h00 PM on Thursday October 24th at the
Fairmont le Manoir Richelieu in La Malbaie, or during the rally by visiting
the designated service area in downtown La Malbaie. Further information
about the rally and the official rally schedule can be found at For updates and pictures on the team's
progress check the the Havspeed website at

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Vieux 10/10/2002, 19h45
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vue que le sujet est poser je vais en profiter pour poser une question, combien de personne on l'intention d'encourager A.Havas en portant la couleur??<img src=smileys/sm14.gif border=0 align=middle>

si ya beaucoup de monde ca va etre super!!!

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Vieux 10/10/2002, 20h23
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Nous on va être au moins 13!

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Vieux 10/10/2002, 21h18
Avatar de rallyberu
rallyberu rallyberu est déconnecté
Date d'inscription: May 2002
Localisation: Quebec, Québec, Canada.
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14 !!!!!!

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Vieux 10/10/2002, 21h20
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Pepére va être en orange !!!

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Vieux 10/10/2002, 21h36
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J'aurai assurément du orange, mais je ne suis pas game de me peindre orange des pieds à la tête <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

Caroline Deroy
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Vieux 11/10/2002, 17h35
TheKid TheKid est déconnecté
Date d'inscription: May 2002
Localisation: Sacré-Coeur, Québec, Canada.
Messages: 738
Par défaut

TheKid aussi!
En plus d'être orangé, je vais rouler en Corolla bleu #20. Si vous me voyez, donnez signe de vie!

Billy Tremblay
Kélly rallysport
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Vieux 11/10/2002, 23h21
sidewayz_control sidewayz_control est déconnecté
Date d'inscription: July 2002
Localisation: YUL, Qc., Canada.
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Par défaut





Ivan Butikofer

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Vieux 12/10/2002, 18h51
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Frank, on va être 14 finalement dans notre gagne! Comme on dit, plus y'a d'oranges, moins y'a de pommes... ou qque chose du genre. En tk, en gros, habillez vous tous en orange!

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Vieux 15/10/2002, 19h52
Eric T
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La couleur non officielle du rallye de Charlevoix 2002 est orange, portez-la.

La radio officielle de l’équipe est CHOI FM 98,1 écoutez-la. Le show du matin de CHOI FM avec M. Jef Fillion et son équipe donne leur support à l’équipe de Andrew Havas et Eric T dans la semaine du 21 au 25.

Un buzz, un méga buzz se prépare.


Merci pour votre support

p.s. la voiture est fraîchement peinturée et vous connaissez déjà la couleur.

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