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Vieux 26/05/2020, 08h57
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Par défaut Riverside Speedway ouverture, mais !!!

Riverside Speedway opened the 2020 racing season Saturday with hundreds of spectators after being warned by the state of the “consequences for blatant defiance of the Governor’s emergency orders.”

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and Gov. Chris Sununu’s restrictions on large gatherings that might spread it, no law enforcement presence was visible at the track.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Agati, the lead prosecutor on enforcement of the governor’s emergency orders, said his office had been in contact with Mike Humphrey, a track owner, about his plans to allow spectators to attend Saturday’s races.

Agati said Humphrey was told of “the serious public health implications of his planned conduct.”

On Saturday before the races, Chief Peter Pelletier of the Northumberland Police Department issued Humphrey a written warning. Agati said Humphrey ignored it and “created a public health risk by allowing spectators into the Riverside Speedway.”

“There will be consequences for the blatant defiance of the Governor’s emergency orders,” Agati said.

Agati said the state warned spectators of the potential public health risk by posting three large message boards on the roads into the speedway that read: “COVID-19 race track warning/no public spectators allowed.”

It was unclear how many spectators turned back.

Humphrey, who said he was promoting social distancing and providing face masks and sanitizer to fans who wanted them, said he was limiting attendance in the grandstands.

Although Saturday’s turnout was sizeable, the stands were not crammed. Fans sat in small knots. Some wore or had masks with them. Others did not.

In April, Humphrey told the Caledonian Record that the track, which he and his family purchased last September, needed to open to remain viable.

While Riverside opened, another North Country track remained closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.
On its website, White Mountain Motorsports Park of Woodstock said, “Racing will resume when the state of New Hampshire permits sports events to be held.”

“With no immediate timetable on when teams and fans will be able to safely gather at a racetrack, WMMP has elected to postpone the entire schedule until further notice instead of taking it on a race-by-race basis. When it is safe to begin the season, the track will release an updated schedule.”

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Vieux 27/05/2020, 22h19
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Par défaut A venir...

La Famille Humpfrey a décidé de faire marche arrière et il n'y aura pas de programme samedi le 30 mai!

Le Gouvernement aurait gagné la manche du C-19, par contre, les pilotes pourront louer au montant de 100,00$ par bloc de trois heures!

Le calendrier sera révisé après approbation des autorités! (RSAP)
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