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Par défaut High lift Floor jack en stock !

Jack de la compagnie AC Hydraulic

Parfait pour le rallye ou le circuit routier

*Possibilité de livraison a Ste-Agathe pour le rallye defi !

Seulement 5 en stock faites vite: 829.99$+tx


High lifter ideal for lowered cars, due to the ultra-low minimum height of only 80 mm.
Designed with extreme low frame, 380 mm in front are below 90 mm.
Built-in safety valve to ensure against overloading.
Simple and safe to operate. Dead-man’s control on lifting and lowering.
Delivered with quicklift pedal.
Meets the strictest International Safety Demands.
Comparatively noiseless wheels.
Ergonomically designed handle ensuring a firm and pleasant grip whatever the conditions.
Wide and rugged frame construction made of high- strength steel.

Capacity 1,3 Tonnes
Min.height A mm 80
Max.height B mm 735
Frame length C mm 940
Handle length D mm 950
Frame height E mm 160
Length G mm 380
Width F mm 480
Weight kg 39
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