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ACP 26/12/2008 23h37

2009 CARS ID package
Hi all-

The CARS Board has, with its Marketing Group, come up with a new graphics layout for national competitors for 2009.

The layout can be downloaded here:

I hope you'll all like the look - it's a lot more like the WRC and should make the car number much more visible for workers and fans.


Dollarateam 26/12/2008 23h58

Nice...more WRC-ish.I like it.

MAD 27/12/2008 13h01


Vraiment bien! Très content, j'ai hâte de voir les voitures.


Eric Losier 28/12/2008 02h25

Very nice design, indeed. I'm especially glad to see we're keeping co-drivers names in the side windows. I always thought this was very disappointing from the WRC organization, rally being such a great team sport.

We'll see y'all in Maniwaki!

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