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  1. GARF
    06/07/2011 19h01
    Awesome Brent.. You are a steady driver and it pays off in Sportsman racing when everyone is "equal". Are sportsmans running Thursday at Mohawk? I'm heading there right after work for the All Star show but I can lend a hand in the pit if you need it!
  2. Brent
    06/07/2011 18h54
    Hey Gary went to Rolloing wheels had a helluva run goin 27th to 12 and got put to the back for gettin into a guy than he spun out total bullshit!!So then went from 31st to 19th in 6 laps wound up 19th car was hooked up friggin love that track wicked fast!!Moved into 4th place in the Mr Dirtcar Sportsman Series!!Thinkin of ronnin the series in september!!Take care say hi to your dad!!

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    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
    hockey,course,course automobile
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    Gary Scott


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