Chrysler Group Recalls 1999-2001 Dodge Viper ACR and GT-2 Models for 5-point Racing Harness

NOUVELLES par admin, mai 8, 2001

The Chrysler Group is voluntarily recalling 615 Dodge Viper ACR and GT-2 Commemorative Editions equipped with optional equipment 5-point racing seat belt harness. The harnesses may not meet the voluntary load specifications set forth by the FIA (Federation Internationale DE L'Automobile), which oversees racing safety. The recall does not affect the three-point seat belt system that is standard on all Dodge Vipers, including all ACR and GT-2 models. Dodge Viper ACRs and GT-2s are the only Viper models factory-equipped with this 5-point harness. The optional 5-point seat belt harness is installed for racing use only. ACR and GT-2 owners are urged not to race their vehicles until replacement harnesses are installed. The standard seat belt system should be used for all on-road driving. There have been no accidents or injuries involving these harnesses.

The harnesses include the lettering "ACR" or "ORECA" on the shoulder straps and are supplied to the Chrysler Group by Lakeland, Fla.-based Breed Technologies, Inc. through it's wholly owned subsidiary, MOMO, S.r.l, a manufacturer and distributor of automotive products. MOMO purchases the harness directly from the manufacturer, LRF Racing SNC di F Radaelli & Co. This harness is also sold to the after-market racing community. The recall is the result of testing on the harnesses as part of a re-certification program required by the FIA every 2 years. The assemblies were last certified for use in 1999. Testing revealed that the harness did not meet the minimum load specified by the FIA. It was established from the test properties that the steel bar in the comfort adjuster on the harness strap distorted during testing and did not allow the system to maintain belt tension. The cause of the distortion was believed to be incorrect hardness of the adjuster bar. Subsequent testing with a proper hardness steel bar also did not achieve the minimum specified load. Based on these results, Breed determined that the entire population of harnesses should be considered defective and has asked us to implement a recall to replace these harnesses on Dodge Viper vehicles on their behalf. Dodge Viper ACR and GT-2 owners will be notified by mail.