Bentley sales surge over 35% in 2000

NOUVELLES par admin, mai 29, 2001

Worldwide Bentley sales continued to grow in 2000 by 35.36% when compared with 1999, representing 1364 units compared with 1007 in 1999. The two key and mature markets of The Americas and the United Kingdom achieved growth of over 27% and 29 from 1999 respectively. Both the Japanese (+42.43%) and Continental Europe (+49.04%) markets made particularly impressive gains. The greatest increase seen was in the Far East and Asia Pacific region which collectively sold over twice as many Bentleys compared with 1999 to show a huge 102.23% rise in sales. The Bentley Arnage Red Label model was a key contributing factor in the growth in sales, and is now established in all markets, with this success augmented by sales of the Bentley two door Continental and Azure models, particularly so in North America where the 111 two door models sold in 2000 accounted for almost 20% of all Bentley sales in the region. Tony Gott, chief executive said: “This is a tremendous start to the new millennium for Bentley Motors – and there is so much more to come. Last year we announced our return to Le Mans in 2001, and we are eagerly developing our new Mid-Sized Bentley (MSB) which we will launch within the next three years, plus we announced that the first state Bentley for HM The Queen would be built at Crewe. But as evidenced by our sales figures, the company’s growth and well being is not being held in abeyance – our product distribution and marketing strategies are already pushing the marque forward. The additional and very special model range (MSB) for Bentley is being designed, engineered and also built in Crewe, prompting over £60 million worth of infrastructure investment for new wood and chrome shops and dedicated plant and equipment in the assembly area.” He added: Bentley Motors is a first class success story and one which will continue to improve. We are only just at the start of realising the benefits of the investment in our business and the Crewe site by our parent company Volkswagen AG. The future for Bentley Motors is very exciting indeed.”